Vivaldi 4.0 comes with Vivaldi Translate


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Jan 14, 2021
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Powered by Lingvanex, Vivaldi Translate delivers a concise translation for your text, removing the need to install a plugin or using a separate translator tool and providing a secure translation too.
Additional functions:
Vivaldi notes. Take notes and then save them into your side panel
Add your bookmarks as web panel/side panel, instead of using the bookmark bar:
Vivaldi or Brave?
If you are looking for a feature-rich browser, Vivaldi is the way to go. If you are looking for a 100% open-source browser, as an alternative to Firefox, Brave is the way to go.
About Vivaldi
It is a half open-source browser from Norway. You can view some of the source code here.
According to Wikipedia, Vivaldi is a proprietary freeware browser.
About Brave
Brave is a 100% open-source software. You can view the source code here on Github.
My personal method to migrate add-ons within other Chromium-based browsers
I downloaded add-ons manually from Chrome Web Store, and install in developer mode. It is a hassle to download everything first, but once I have all the files in place, in my USB drive, all I need to do is drag and drop. No need to search the Chrome Web Store each time.
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Vivaldi is a pretty nice all-in-one browser.
The latest Vivaldi added Email and Calendar tools also. I declined to add those (for now), but others may be interested.
You can disable all Google stuff in Vivaldi by going to its privacy settings. Uncheck everything under Google services and Google extensions. Details here on Vivaldi website.

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Vivaldi is the 3rd browser that I open. If I stopped using either of the first two, it'd move up the list. I've been installing (and sometimes using) it since I first saw it mentioned on the Opera forum.

(As previously mentioned, I use different browsers for different things.)
I tried Vivaldi, it seemed like a good browser but I didn't like the interface that much. I've really gotten to like Brave and still testing it in everyday use until I decide if I'm going to make it my main or not.
(As previously mentioned, I use different browsers for different things.)
Which browser do you use to view your porn with? (Just had to, that was a slam dunk ;) )
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Which browser do you use to view your porn with? (Just had to, that was a slam dunk ;) )


I'm pretty fortunate in that area. I'm married (just a year and a half ago) to a chick that's many, many years my junior. Don't worry, there's a prenup!
Well, I'm old, and you didn't ask me... but I'll offer this answer: Firefox, in a virtual machine. :eek::oops::p;)
You didn't mention that you use different browsers for different tasks, so it wasn't as as slam dunk question for you but great that you answered my question to @KGIII as well! :)
Hmm... The wife let me share a pic with one of you, but she doesn't want me posting any in the public forum. She's pretty cute and petite. We get odd looks in public due to the age disparity. She was once bent over and getting something from the car when the person attempting to park on that side (an old man) crashed into the light pole in the parking lot. This, of course, amused us. Some folks think she's a trophy wife, but we're legitimately in love with one another.

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