VirtualBox Ubuntu 20.04 LTS super buggy


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Hi, I downloaded the Ubuntu 20.04 .iso for VirtualBox because I'm on Windows 10 64bit (work laptop). I really love the look & feel of the new 20.04 Ubuntu, my only issue is the Guest Additions doesn't allow me to copy and paste between host and guest OS and drag 'N drop doesn't work either.

Also, when I watch youtube videos or anything with audio, the audio stutters and video seems laggy. It really seems buggy as hell. Not sure if this is a virtual box issue, or something with my Ubuntu installation. Can anyone provide any insight?

This is my first-time using Linux (Ubuntu) as my main OS (albeit a VM) but despite the buggy-crap, I would really love it to be my daily driver...


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Ubuntu 20.04, while it is a new version, it is a long time distro. Like any distro, it's going to react to the environment that it is in. So the virtual environment can be as much a cause for stutters and lags as being on a low spec machine by itself. Even though Ubuntu is running in a virtual machine, it is still sharing resources with the host.

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