Video: How DuckDuckGo privacy extension works to protect your privacy


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Jan 14, 2021
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Demo video: How this extension blocks Google Analytics

Download links for DDG extension:
Firefox | Chromium | Github

About DuckDuckGo
Is DDG a bad search engine? Not really. Its privacy policy is A rating, and then based on my quick search on Flagfox, DuckDuckGo IP is from Ireland. Just enter into this website and it will return Ireland as the IP.

About this extension
I would recommend using this extension together with Ublock Origin. With Ublock Origin alone, sometimes Google Analytics is blocked and sometimes it is not based on my research.

If you commented on a forum then this extension less effective since your post(s) is visible to others. Google bots will also crawl and index your post(s) on most forums.
Solution: You can reduce the footprints by using unique usernames and passwords for all social accounts and then store them all with a password manager. Or you can also leave a website without commenting. Otherwise, if people Google your forum username, they will find all websites that you've registered with that username.

This extension also rates a website based on its privacy policy.
It rates a website or domain name based on Terms Of Service Didn't Read website:
If you want to get the most up-to-date rating, you can also use this extension:

The screenshot below was taken from the website.

Related: Below is a video from Mikko Hyppönen that I watched years ago.

Mikko Hermanni Hyppönen (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈmikːo ˈhypːønen]; born 13 October 1969) is a computer security expert and columnist. He is known for the Hyppönen Law about IoT security, which states that whenever an appliance is described as being "smart", it is vulnerable. - Wikipedia.

There are lots of Mikko Hyppönen videos on the TED website and Youtube. I've been following his videos for years. So I strongly think that the privacy tools sites are very useful. I always take advice from the experts.

More quotes from Mikko Hyppönen in another video:
Privacy is nonnegotiable. It should be built in to all the systems we use. - Mikko Hyppönen on TEDTalk.

One thing we should all understand is that we are brutally honest with search engines. You show me your search history, and I'll find something incriminating or something embarrassing there in five minutes. We are more honest with search engines than we are with our families. Search engines know more about you than your family members know about you. - Mikko Hyppönen on TEDTalk.



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I watched the 1st video and good to know that DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials really works. :)

I'll have a look at the other videos tomorrow.

Thanks for posting. :)
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