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Video Editor that accepts EDL from Comskip?

Discussion in 'Linux Audio / Video' started by JD P, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. JD P

    JD P Guest

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a Linux Video Editor that will accept EDL, edit decision lists, created by comskip, then provide a GUI which can be used to validate the cut points, and finally, save the resulting video in the same format as input. Usually mpeg2, but sometimes h.264 and other times xvid. The edits should handle captions (CC1 and CC3) and multiple audio tracks as expected.

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    Basically, I'm looking for a replacement to VideoRedo on Windows. I've been looking for about a decade. avidemux appears to be closest, but it isn't there.

    Manual validation of the cut points is required. comskip isn't 100% for all channels.
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  2. danamyles

    danamyles Guest

    Wine/VirtualBox + favorite VideoRedo???
  3. danamyles

    danamyles Guest

    Like mee:)
  4. JD P

    JD P Guest

    Left off that it needs to be run remote. WINE+VideoRedo installs and runs, but no video is displayed. Tried ssh -X and x2go connections - no joy.

    My Linux desktop is running inside a KVM VM already, on a headless server, in a private cloud. VMs are a way of life and have been for almost a decade.

    WINE+VRDP was a good idea - I was really hoping for a module for avidemux or some other solution like that. VRDP is so efficient at what it does - and this is basically the last thing I use on Windows. Takes less than 30 sec of my time to validate and remove 22min of commercials/hr recorded.
  5. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Openshot may have the capability but I am not sure. Kdenlive also....

  6. JD P

    JD P Guest

    Nope. I've carefully reviewed the features and none of the major Linux video editing tools even mention EDL in any way. Of course, I could have made a mistake and it has been a few months since my last review. I'd love to be wrong!

    I know that mythtv has the ability to cut commercials - Myth isn't using separate tools from what I can tell. It is built into Myth. None of these commercial block locating tools work 100%, so I like to manually validate each block to be cut. If visual confirmation wasn't required, mencoder https://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/edl.html could be used.

    Pretty much every other part of the process is automated - moving files back and forth between Linux and Windows, then back to Linux for transcoding. Sure, editing 22G files over a CIFS connection is possible, but even on a GigE LAN, the performance of not being on a local disk is felt. Everything is batched so a human doesn't have to be involved except to validate/tweak the EDL.
    In the morning, there's a directory with recorded TV shows and cut lists waiting. VRDP has a batch mode for making the cuts (handy for HiDef content, no needed for SD resolutions) after validation, then another batch process pushes those 60% smaller files to a Linux machine for ccextractor to get the different captions and handbrakeCLI to transcode to 70+% smaller than the original without any noticable change in visual qualidy.
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