VeraCrypt encryption for containers in Linux


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Mar 10, 2024
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I got the main system disk encrypted with Ubuntu built-in encryption. The thing that you enable during install.

Now I created my main partition to be 1TB out of 2TB SSD and the remaining space I want to dedicate to a volume/container which is going to be non-boot partition. I want to encrypt it using VeraCrypt. Has anyone had experience with it in Linux? Wondering if there are any underwater rocks to watch out for before I deep-dive into it. I debated whether I should it to encrypt the main partition as well (the boot one) but then decided to let Linux handle that with the default encryption option.

I think one advantage of encrypting a separate container is that it can be shared across multiple operating systems. For example if you got multiple SSDs installed, a separate SSD can be used to create a volume/container. And if you clone your primary Linux install for backup purposes and then hose the primary one, you can recover the container from the backup disk. At least this is how the VeraCrypt container implementation works in Win10. A volume does not have to be on the same disk as the primary boot partition. It can even be a flash device. There is no reason why this should any different in Linux.

This is the Ubuntu implementation but it should be the same for all distros as far as I understand.


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