uuencode is posting the attachment in mail box instead of sending as an attachment. - Help needed


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Our application server OS version is upgraded to RHEL7.

100+ scripts are using ( uuencode ***.txt| mailx -s "Infox Daily Update-2019-07-26-09-54" <email>) to send attachments in the emails.

We are critical junction in the upgrade now and is difficult to perform the code changes in all the scripts to use "mailx -a".

Is it possible to fix the issue at the server level instead of the script level?

Thank you in advance.


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They made lots of changes in RHEL 7. You may be able to fix it at the server level, but most likely need to fix it at the script level. You should be able to do this using a script easily though. I know this is odd to say on a Linux forum, but I could do what you're asking using VBScript in Windows. I haven't done much scripting in Linux, but I know that if I could do it in Windows that it's probably easier to do in Linux. The script will open each file, read each line and when it finds mailx -s, replace it with mailx -a, close and save file, next file. Sorry I can't help more than this. I'm sure someone else knows bash scripting and could help.

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