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Hi guys,

I'm totally new here. About two weeks ago I installed Debian Gnome (with non free packages included) and removed Windows.

For now I want to learn and install VPN and Socks5. For VPN I want to use the services of Mullvad. For Socks5, i'm looking around.

I have a Mullvad account and did download the packages. Tried to install it, but really I have no clue what I did or if I did something wrong. I guess I tried to do something with a key...not sure what that't about.

So my question is. Could someone help me out? I'm eager to learn, but don't know where to start. I guess that I have to erase the things (key?) that I have made.

Thanks :)



Hello and welcome to the forums.

VPN on linux is usually handled by OpenVPN. Have you seen this page?

Open a terminal and use this command:
sudo -s
Enter your password and press enter. You are now 'the root user' (not really but for your purposes...). Now you can install openvpn:
apt-get install openvpn resolvconf
When this is done MAKE SURE TO EXIT. Randomly using the root account is not a good idea. You can change anything.
Now you should be able to go to system settings -> Network
When there click on the + and then follow the directions for VPN. (you will need the vpn information from Mullvad)

If you meant to setup a VPN SERVER then you may want to check out this page:
(I am assuming you wanted to setup your computer as a client/portal)

I have never messed with SOCKS. Maybe this page will help:

Feel free to look in the tutorials part of the forum as well as check out the Debian wiki.


Solved! I was following the steps from Mullvad as root user. But when i tried as regular user by using the Network Manager everything worked.

Thanks a lot!

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