Using freesync in games


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Mar 9, 2022
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I'm not entirely sure on if this would fall under the games category, but I was needing some help setting things up.

I've been experimenting with a few distros over the past week (Mint, Pop OS, & Kubuntu), with Mint or Pop OS being the one I'm likely to use going forward. One thing I was needing help with is with Freesync support.

I originally had an Nvidia GPU, but last week I got a 6900 xt that I really like, but was running into trouble trying to get it set up properly, mainly involving Freesync. Is Freesync enabled automatically or something after downloading the GPU drivers, cause I legit can't find anything about it. I was using Kubuntu this morning and tried doing this one solution I found online that involved adding something to the files in the xorg.conf.d but apparently that broke something cause after I restarted my PC it was impossible to boot into Kubuntu, where it'd just show an endless black screen. I've had a ton of issues with trying to set up Kubuntu last night and this morning, and had reinstalled it multiple times before I ran into that issue. Because of that I'm likely gonna go back to one of the first ones I've been experimenting with (Pop OS or Mint).

I just want to get this figured out, if maybe I'm overthinking this and Freesync was already enabled. I did check things with the one xrandr command and it does show my display as being capable, which I already knew (display is an Acer XV322QU)


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Jan 2, 2022
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