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Hi everyone another newbie here but an eager one. I just installed Ubuntu on a stick drive and booted it up on my Windows 8 laptop. Thought I would give it a whirl for a bit. Worked really well in the virtual world but will it work equally well when I load it on the hard drive? So far I do not understand how to access any of my photos or files that I used while in windows or how to access the other programs already loaded. I'm thinking that after I do a dual booting senerio and load Ubuntu on the hard drive that everything will all be accessable...Am I correct? Any help would be really great....Dennis



hi dennis ,

Ubuntu will work fine . Dont worry i have been using ubuntu for very long tym . To access the photos you have to install the drive . it will not inherit the properties from basic configuration of windows 8 .

Please revert me in case of any doubts or querys .would be happy to help you out . :D


If you are new, I suggest Mint, not Ubuntu, but it is your choice. Ubuntu will probably run better on a hard drive than a USB stick. If you choose "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows" it should keep all your files and you can choose to use Ubuntu or Windows when you turn on your computer.

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