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usb-stick suddenly not working / Linux Mint


New Member
Hi there!
Till yesterday the usb-stick was working fine. Today it is not shown in my file and I can't access it.
Check out both Screenshots:

How will it work again?
Thank you a lot!


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The flash memory in USB stick drives has been known to simply 'stop working' on occasion.
Sometimes a re-format may revive the drive.

It may help if you provide a bit more information such as;
Brand and size of the USB?
File system format?
Partition scheme of the USB?
Age of the USB? (the memory does wear out after repeated read/write cycles)

That '8.2 GB' size looks a little odd to me. Usually USB sticks are sized 4,8,16,32,64 GB and so on.
Once the stick is formatted with a file system the available size shows up as something slightly less than the stated full size. Is this stick partitioned?

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