USB serial device does not appear as /dev/ttyUSB*


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I have one device that works fine in Linux Mint and does not work in Docker host from (from Alpine) inside OracleVM.

On Linux Mint
My USB modem after inserting appears as mass storage device. Then I switch it to modem using usb_modeswitch and it appears in /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1, etc.All is fine - it is picked up by the ModemManage and go on.

Inside Docker host
It successfully switched from mass storage to the same state is in Linux Mint as I can see using lsusb. But nothing new appears in /dev/*.

I can switch device in Linux Mint and transfer it to Docker host (due to OracleVM without unplug) - no results. Or vise versa - virgin device switch inside Docker and transfer from OracleVM to Linux Mint and Linux Mint immediately recognizes it as a modem.

If I connect other USB serial device (Arduino) to OracleVM, the ttyUSB0 is being created properly and disappears after disconnect. Therefore, there are no problems with access rights.

Obviously, the problem is not hardware, f-word piece of iron works well. I spent two days to make sure of it.

Please, advise how to diagnose the problem?

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