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Usb drive formatting issues?


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Hi, i am fairly new to linux, but i am learning quickly and enjoying my experience for the most part.

So i seem to have a common issue between distros, which is probably user related...

I am on linux mint, Reading usb flash drives seem to work fine, i recently copied a backup hdd to my pc because it was failing, i then formatted a 32gb flash drive and copied the files to the drive and it completed successfully, when it tried to read later it says the drive is corrupt.

In the past i have used kubuntu and zorin os with similar outcomes.

I have an upgraded ssd coming in today and it is time to backup the backup, so i need to find a way to get these flash drives working, i am going to try reformatting on windows and then copying over, i will respond with my outcome here


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i then formatted a 32gb flash drive.....

What file format did you use...?....fat32....NTFS....EXT4....??

I am assuming the backup hard drive had Linux backups on it ..?


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I believe i tried fat 32 because i want to be able to use it in linux and windows, it took a while to copy everything over so i cannot remember exactly. As far as files, it was general stuff, a bunch of pictures, music, iso's, pc dianostic software stuff etc.


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G'day @jbar2016 , Hi Brian :)

Linux will read and work with both FAT32 and NTFS, so if you had any files larger than 4GB you could use NTFS.



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So i was using the built in tools of mint, not terminal, and I noticed I tried out the backup usb I created where it said it was corrupt' and windows read the drive and mounted it after a few minutes, but i was unsure how stable it was so I tried a different usb and it stopped copying half way through with 3 different usb drives. I finally copied the backup to a hdd, and used windows to make a new usb

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