USB 3.0 interference with 2.4GHz Logitech K520/M310 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


Mint 19.2xfce
Peppermint 10

I discovered that my hunch is indeed correct. I have been experiencing problems lagging, studdering, and freezing with my favored logitech keyboard and mouse.
This happened on both my Thinkpad X220 laptop (Like to use my wireless mouse with the laptop.), and my HP Z230 workstation.

On the X220, When I inserted the USB 3.0 express card adapter in the slot, I had issues wth mouse freeze. At the time, I thought maybe the inexpensive adapter was just flaky as I had the mouse receiver plugged in to that adapter.

On the Z230, I have a Toshiba USB 3.0 external HDD that was plugged in a 3.0 port. Keyboard/Mouse receiver was plugged in nearby 3.0 port. Had issues with both keyboard and mouse freezing, lagging, skipping. I moved the receiver to a 2.0 port nearby thinking maybe both on the 3.0 was causing the problem. When I unplugged the external drive, I had no more problem. Then I started researching a bit and found this.

After reading that I moved the hard drive to a 2.0 port and experienced no issues with keyboard and mouse. So I guess I will just transfer to and from my storage drive a little slower, but still be able to keep on using the wireless logitech keyboard and mouse I like to use.

My goal in posting this is to provide some clues for anyone experiencing the same issues, and scratching the old noggin wondering what is happening.

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