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I'm currently running Mint 21 XFCE Edition, and while going through my updates list, I found both a signed and unsigned GRUB2 package. Being that I'm not familiar with unsigned packages, I completed a quick web search and found a thread on the Mint forums where someone was asking the same question, and one of the mods said to install both. I'll take the word for it and do that, but I'm wondering why the package has a signed and unsigned version, and if there have been times where an unsigned package can be unsafe to install?

I've looked for this information before and drawn a blank. I almost started a thread for it on Stackexchange.

If I had to guess, it's referring to signed for UEFI and unsigned for legacy.

That's mostly a WAG, but that's what I came up with after reading a bunch of posts - none of which said anything directly. It might be more specifically for something that's a part of UEFI - such as a TPM chip.
Very briefly, it is a Secure Boot issue.

The kernel and the bootloader need to be signed for Secure Boot to operate.


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