Unicode used in forum posts?


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Mar 16, 2019
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This isn't really an "issue" but more of an oddity I noticed.

Whenever I compose a post or reply to a post I noticed that any Unicode I enter does NOT post.
It will usually show up in the 'compose' but when actually posted the characters are stripped or just do not show up.

Is this the intended behavior of this particular forum software?
Or am I doing something wrong?

<----- there should be a little wizard right there. Ctrl+Shift+U+ 1F9D9

Nope. It displayed during the compose but disappears after posting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

image of Unicode Character 'MAGE' (U+1F9D9)
like these ? what i'm really looking for is
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image of Unicode Character 'MAGE' (U+1F9D9)'MAGE' (U+1F9D9)
like these ? what i'm really looking for is
I wonder if it is just my setup?
I believe I have tried it with both my desktop and my laptop - both of which are running Linux Mint which was upgraded from the 18.* series.

If I can remember to I will try it from my 'test box' which has four or five different Linux distros installed on it.
No I can't get wizard to work either;I thought I would trease a little but my game has been given away.the Wiz is not done by unicode,the snowman is.some unicode are now defunct. All the ones that work you will see in libre office Arial multi code if you try insert special character.
Yer a bugger, Andy, you had me going there too :)

@Vrai - Aussies get a lot of their sense of humour from the English and the Irish ... we just took it to the next level.


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