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Unable to log in with password (Solved)


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Hi I’m a relative noob to LM. I have 19.3 installed as a dual boot with win 7. Lm has been working fine but today when I try to log in with my password, the log in box returns and I repeat the password and the same thing happens. Is there a solution. Thanks


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Make sure your username is in the correct place. If there is a space at the beginning of it, it will not work. If necessary highlight and remove then type it again.

Also, make sure that CAPLOCK is not on. Linux is case sensitive and very unforgiving. A password in a lower case is not the same as a password in an uppercase.


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thanks arochester i appreciate your reply. I have explored all of these options but still no luck. I had read that a full system disc may cause a logging in problem. Can I access my LM system via windows so I can delete files on this disc or is there a way of accessing LM prior to logging in with my password. Many thanks.

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