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Unable to delete file with name starting with '*'


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Sep 25, 2022
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Hello guys, I have accidentally created "*l" file and now I cannot get rid of that. Do somebody know how to deal with it ?


1. Try as root (sudo).
2. Try renaming the file first.
3. Try Live distro, such as Linux Mint, to access the location of the file and delete it when your system isn't running.
Also make sure you didn't make the file immutable by accident: sudo chattr -i [filename].
Just open a terminal and change the the location where the file is and run the following command.
rm \*l
@f33dm3bits , @gvisoc , @rado84 , thx for your responses, I have dealt with that pretty randomly by moving all other files from directory with this *l file and so right after that, that file has disappeared. I think neither of your suggestions would resolve it because I accidentally created that file by using C compilator GCC, so it wasn't regular file. Even ls wasn't able to display that file. But @f33dm3bits your suggestion of using \ sounds good to me, I have forgot about use backslash.