Unable to boot Ubuntu 18.04, stuck in grub bash


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My devices is running dual boot Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. About a week ago, I resized the partitions and booted into Ubuntu just fine. Today I booted into windows and it crashed, putting me on the GNU Grub command line interface.
I've restored Windows 10 and that boots properly now, but I'm unable to boot into Ubuntu.
I've also run boot-repair to no avail - http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2t5WFDvkrg/
On the grub command line the relevant partition is:

(hd1,5): Filesystem is ext2
Inside (hd1,5) is only 3 directories
... lost+found/ boot-sav/ BootInfo/
ls (hd1,5)/lost+found/#1046529/<my-username>
produces my ubuntu's home directory.

Hopefully this is all useful information. Could anyone please help?
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It sounds like you haven't successfully booted up to Unbuntu since this reinstall, so you have nothing to lose if you run the install again. So I'd say do that. I've installed Linux a couple hundred times. Sometimes there are things that go wrong with it. Instead of spending hours trying to troubleshoot, it just saves time and headaches to run the installer again.

Make sure you choose the option to format if you take the manual path. Ensure that the boot loader is installed to SDA.


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ls (hd1,5)/lost+found/#1046529/<my-username>
produces my ubuntu's home directory.
You may be able to get into that lost+found folder to recover some of your user data, if needed. But I'd agree with @TechnoJunky that your next move will probably be to reinstall Ubuntu. From your pastebin, it looks like all your Ubuntu boot files are in lost+found too. This is a bad sign, to me. Lost+found stores corrupted files... so it seems like you corrupted your entire filesystem when you tried to resize it.


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G'day @hooch12 and welcome to linux.org :)

Yeah I was looking at this one last night (Australia) but fatigue got the better of me :(

I concur with my two friends above on reinstall, which you could start right now.

If you had data that you cannot do without on the Ubuntu, then you have at least two options to attempt to recover it:

  1. Christophe Grenier's TestDisk which you can get on a Rescue Disk or stick
  2. GParted Live has a data recovery function
Either might succeed, or you could spend a lot of time with no joy.

,,,reinstall, which you could start right now.

(Wizard's but is seldom far behind him)

From the looks of your Boot Repair report - from line 273 onwards we start getting the references to "over-mounted by another device, regarding your ESP ((U)EFI System Partition) at /dev/sda1.

Whatever you did in the resizing process really did a number on your System, and I would like to help you to prevent that happening again.

If you were using Windows Disk Management to do the resizing, that is likely the culprit.

Resizing of Linux Partitions should be performed using either GParted (the GNOME Partition Editor) or GNOME Disks, both of which are available to Ubuntu users.

If you choose GParted to prepare for the reinstall of Ubuntu, you can use it either from the install medium ("Try Ubunu before Installing") or from a separate GParted Live stick or disk.

So tell us a little more, and we can better advise.

Cheers all

Chris Turner

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