UEFI Configuration


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Jan 5, 2020
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I setup a dual boot with Windows, ElementaryOS, and a third operating system. I installed ElementaryOS last. I selected to have it installed on partition 3 and also elected to have the bootloader (grub) installed on partition 3 as well so that my current bootloader wouldn't be overwritten.

However, it still installed grub alongside my bootloader and for whatever reason, grub has taken priority.

I booted into Linux and deleted all files relating to grub from the mounted EFI partition, thinking it would try to boot using my original bootloader.
Instead, it just refuses to boot into any bootloader at all. It nut be still trying to boot into grub, so that leads me to wonder...

Where is the configuration file that is telling it to boot into grub? I know there are programs out there that allow you to choose the boot order, but in my case the two bootloaders are installed alongside each other on the EFI partition and I can't figure out how it chooses which one to boot.