Ubuntu Studio for "Front End Website Development". HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress.

I agree and I am not so intoxicated (yet).

To my mind, the simplest way to make a decision on a Distro other then Ubuntu Studio is to identify what apps it has that are non-standard to Ubuntu Desktop, and then pursue one of two options:
  1. Set up VM's through Virtualbox, VMWare or other, take a Distro and install and add the requisite tools and try them, or
  2. For Debian-based Distros, use a Live USB scenario with Persistence loaded and do likewise?
Seems like a no-brainer.

Chris Turner

I will try everything with virtualbox.
I see no point in jumping from distro to distro, and the replies i got so far, confirmed this.
If i like whatever ubuntu flavor; i will stick with it for the next years, or more.
When it comes to any kind of programming - it really doesn’t matter what distro you use!
That's certainly true for front end web development, but if you are doing bash scripting, windows isn't so great.
Windows is an OS (well, a platform really), Jas was likely talking Linux Distros.