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After completing a fresh install of the OS, I began setting up the server as a LAMP. While following a tutorial, a set of non-existent directories are required. The "cd" and "mkdir" commands are used to do this.

After creating the aforementioned directories, navigation to them using both the relative and absolute path are returning a "directory or file not found" message. After checking my pwd, and using the ls command to check that directory for contents, the directory I created previously appeared in the list. This should mean that I can use cd with a relative or an absolute path to navigate to the directory from the pwd. That does not happen when I attempt to do this using either path form.

Is this a known bug or am I making a mistake?

Before posting this, I created the "anything2" directory and navigated to it without any issues using the relative path. This leads me to believe there is some kind of issue with how I generated the other "anything" directory.

Is there a way to create a dir without being able to navigate to it? Some kind of permissions issue or something to that effect?


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Maybe you created the "anything" directory as root, and then tried to access it as a regular user? Sometimes you can access root's files/folders, but it does depend on the permissions. Compare "anything" with "anything2" using ls -l to see the permissions (those are lower case "L's").
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You'd have to paste some of the output that you're seeing unfortunately..

Most likely you created the directories and when you're trying to cd into them, you aren't putting the correct path i'm thinking..

so, to figure this out, show an ls -l where we can see the directory that you can't access, then show the error when you try to cd into it, including the cd command.

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