ubuntu on parallel desktop MacBook

hi there
I installed ubuntu on parallel desktop but I have problems

1-when I want change the password with: sudo paswrd I can't. Because it needs to press alt+control. but MacBook don't have this. and I tried with option and another but it don't work.

2- I can't reset or shutdown this with a button or terminal

3. I have installed google chrome but when I want open it need to password of parallel desktop. I enter passcode but it writes the passcode is incorrect.i change the pass code but it don't work.


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Hello @amirhoseynrajabi, and welcome. I have never used a Mac, so if there are strange things about that then I will not be aware of them. But Ubuntu makes MANY different versions that are current, and they also have MANY different desktops. Please tell us exactly which you are using so that we can better help. So, like, Ubuntu 16.04, or 18.04, or 18.10, or 19.04. The desktops are sometimes identified by special names, like Kubuntu (KDE Desktop), or Xubuntu (XFCE Desktop)... and some are just named like Ubuntu MATE, or Ubuntu Budgie. If you didn't download anything specific like these, then the standard default Ubuntu would be using the GNOME Desktop. There are a couple of terminal commands that may help, if you aren't sure (and if they work correctly... since you are having terminal problems too). Copy and paste these below to help make sure you do not make a mistake typing them.

ls /usr/bin/*session

You should not need to press alt+control to change a password with Ubuntu, but we'll go over the correct commands after we know which Ubuntu you are actually using.



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I don't know about Macs, so I can't help with Parallels. However, with Linux, anything you can do in the GUI, you can do in Terminal. You just have to know how. I don't know if it was a typo, but in your first issue you said 'sudo paswrd'. To change your password in Terminal, just type 'passwd', not 'paswrd'. Since you're changing your own password, you don't need to use Sudo. You would do that to change the Root password. You should be able to use the the desktops power option to reboot or power down, but if that doesn't work you can type 'sudo reboot' in Terminal to reboot.

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