ubuntu backup to NAS fails "not enough space" (Samba)

Jan 8, 2021
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Hi all, I have a 4tb ubutnu samba share on my home server (for clarity, its running Ubuntu desktop distro) that I want to back up to my ubuntu workstation machine to (separate computer entirely). The server is running its OS on a 250gb drive (nearly full) with the 4tb drive mounted to a folder in my home directory on the server. The 4tb is empty right now. When i try to back up my ubuntu desktop to the server the back up fails telling me that there's not enough space in the folder.

Obviously my desktop is seeing the space in the parent drive and not the space in the mounted drive. How can i set up the samba share so that my computer will read the size of the shared 4tb drive and not the drive where its mount folder is?


P.S. migrating my Server to the actual Ubuntu Server distro is on my list of things to do :)
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