Ubuntu 18.04 - Networking - Need info on setting up a Public IP Address


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Hello, I am in the process of setting up a Server to run OwnCloud Server storage - this is built on Ubuntu Server 18.04.
For this to function the way my External Family need it to, I need to establish a Public IP Address and Sub Mask combination, which can operate through my Gateway For them to acces my Server they would need to use a Browser and type in https;// I P Address, which should take them directly to my PC Server. Currently it has my Internal IP Address and a Dynamic Public IP Address, provided by my ISP.
Can some knowledgeable Networking Genius please provide me with the steps I need to use to achieve what I an doing here, with the Public Networking requirement. Cheers.


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I'm assuming your server will reside in your residence and not in a business office. You need 1 of 2 things. Either reach out to your Internet Service Provider to provide you with a static address or you need a DDNS IP service. Your ISP can give you an address that will work and won't change, and then you need to go to something like godaddy.com and register that IP and get a name assigned to it. Or you can use a DDNS service to get a name assigned to an IP that changes when you reboot. I use https://www.noip.com/, they have a free version which you have to reconfirm every 30 days or a paid version that you don't (reconfirm). The way it works is you install their registering app on your web server and when you reboot, it registers it's current IP with them and then they send all your traffic to your current IP address. They have great support even with the free version.


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I made a typo above. I said "Your ISP can give you an address that will work and won't change". It should have read "IF your ISP can give you an address that will work and won't change". It's likely that they will charge, or may not be willing to give you one. Also, registering an IP with a service like GoDaddy will have a cost associated with it. So compare the costs of the ISP IP/Registration with that of a DDNS solution.

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