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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.....Verdicts??

Discussion in 'Ubuntu' started by Jim Laughlan, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Jim Laughlan

    Jim Laughlan Guest

    Anyone install the new OS yet?

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  2. I am running 14.04, xbuntu style.. I love it so far really my only complaint is the random crashes, nothing fatal, but sometimes doing something simple as using file manager to move a file and renaming it will crash Thunar ask to send report and then I can restart file manager.. It has happened with other programs as well so not just a file manager issue..

    But nothing so bad as to give it a negative review, again I love the look and feel of xbuntu style...
    Two thumbs up

    EDIT.. this is the common error i get when Thunar crashes

    Thunar[2230]: segfault at 4 ip b6bd6a5b sp bfde22a0 error 6 in libglib-2.0.so.0.4000.0[b6b74000+10a000]
    #2 NsAneSmilez420, Apr 21, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
  3. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Tri-booting with Win7 and Arch at the moment. Working great though for some reason I am still on the development branch. No crashes for me yet. Bumblebee is working great. The new unity is nice...needs better themes. Recommend adding Numix for a better Unity.

    The 3.13 kernel seems to give my system slower Internet connections then when I was on Arch 313. Perhaps the powersaving is turned on.
  4. chimichurri

    chimichurri Guest

    More of the same! :rolleyes:
  5. chimichurri

    chimichurri Guest

    Get rid of that crapware dude!
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  6. Kryyll

    Kryyll Guest

    Did they get rid of those Amazon searches in the hub search?
  7. chimichurri

    chimichurri Guest

    NOPE! :emopuke:
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  8. Was Cyber-Berserker a Ubuntu user or did he use Arch?
  9. Jim Laughlan

    Jim Laughlan Guest

    I'm noticing a better response in 14.04 than 12.04. The graphics appear clearer (or my glasses are actually working for me!) and pretty much my crashes are very minimal now. One thing I have noticed is that I get booted off of WiFi (like in 12.04) and then I have to turn off the WiFi and turn it back on again. Is this an ongoing issue with the WiFi drivers in Linux or Ubuntu for that matter?
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  10. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Not seeing that issue right now. I did have that problem with 12.04 but I switched to Intel wireless and the problem solved itself.
  11. Jim Laughlan

    Jim Laughlan Guest

    Ok, I see. My laptop is a Gateway MT6457 and uses the Realtek 8187 wifi radio on it. The only mistake is that it came with Vista. It's running flawlessly on Ubuntu (my CPU fan doesnt work half as hard as it did with Vista). A good move on my part installing Linux on this. I did something right for a change.
  12. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    If it helps any, here is the thread:
  13. Rendragon

    Rendragon Guest

    I switched over from OpenSuSe a couple of days ago. So far, so good; but, I miss Yast when it comes to installing new software. At this point, I'm still stumbling around. I'm running a very old laptop and have not crashed yet. Life is good.
  14. chimichurri

    chimichurri Guest


    Buntu 1

    = more crap...
  15. chimichurri

    chimichurri Guest

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  16. Jim Laughlan

    Jim Laughlan Guest

    Funny you brought that up chimichurri. I read that site also and yesterday I installed Debian 7.5 and I noticed one hell of a speed increase. I was having stuff in Ubuntu turn dark and then light up again also having to force quit a lot. Since I've installed Debian, I'm enjoying this much better. There actually is a desktop use for it.
  17. I only bother to remove the widget from the network management user panel

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