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Ubuntu 12.04 - Your thoughts

Discussion in 'Ubuntu' started by Sinister_Diagram, May 18, 2012.

  1. Well, Ubuntu's "most anticipated" release has been out for a while and getting quite the attention. I no longer use Ubuntu since the implementing of Unity, but I love to keep an eye on it's progress. I was seeing news about 12.04 everywhere when it came to Linux websites and I gave in to giving it a try.

    The appearance was not that different with the implementing of HUD to the side. I tried it from a liveCD and I truly enjoyed myself. My system was not lagging as this is what kept me from settling with Ubuntu within the last year or so. I installed it, which went fine, however once I ran the updates and installed the recommended video card driver --- everything went downhill and my computer was pretty much unusable with Ubuntu on it. My desktop would not load, at all, with the exception of an error continuously popping up, all I could see was a black screen. I am not sure what caused this problem, but I quickly moved to Xubuntu 12.04 (which is another post all together..).

    I just wanted to share my very brief experience of Ubuntu 12.04. Did you experience anything like what I mentioned? Are you having a much better experience? I would love to hear thoughts from anyone that has given it a go or is currently using it as their main OS.
  2. Acronix

    Acronix Guest

    I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as my main operating system and I haven't had any problems with it so far. I'm not really a fan of Unity so I installed the standard Gnome shell and is pretty neat as well. Of course I have to customize the gnome css in order to fit my taste.

    For several years I have been considering switching completely to Linux but it is only after I tried the latest Gnome shell when I am convinced that I can already use this as my main OS. What I really like about ubuntu is that it renders fonts quite well compared to other distros.
  3. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne Guest

    I currently have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has my second operating system. I have no problems with it, at least I haven't noticed them, if so. I like the Gnome shell, and I change the settings/themes up a bit to fit my mood. It's quite simple to use.
  4. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    No problems so far other than the said fixes to the Gnome Shell - it is pretty compliant, I am quickly beginning to think that I will be eagerly awaiting the updated version for a few slight fixes. Some slowness when using video, but that could be just time to look a bit deeper at a couple of scripts.
  5. I had only known mainly about 2-3 OS in my life like MAC, Windows and Red hat linux. But when I came across Ubuntu, I didn't knew much about it and as I started working on it, I got a good experience, more by using the browsers like firefox. However Ubuntu is somewhat complex to a new user, but within 3-4 days, he gets addicted to it.
  6. GGGuardian

    GGGuardian Guest

    I think this version of Ubuntu is much better than the older versions I used to play with. Kudos to the Ubuntu team for putting out this incredible Linux distro.
  7. Acronix

    Acronix Guest

    Is it when playing a video? I've had some problems with playing a movie with a not so popular format, but that was before I found out that I just need to install a few codecs to fix the problem.
  8. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I was using 11.10, then upgraded to 12.04. Everything went smooth and seamless. Then, two weeks later, my wireless adapter quit working, so I swapped it with the one on my other computer. It would not work either. I rebooted and everything was fine, for about 5 minutes, then the wireless quit again. No matter which wireless USB adapter I use, I only get about 5 to 10 minutes of internet before I have to reboot.

    So, I tried to boot into an older kernel. This did not help. I tried the oldest kernel on my computer, but the same thing happens.

    I am now using Fedora as my main Linux OS, but I do still have the Ubuntu partition on my computer. I may go back one day and try to figure out what is wrong, but that really makes me mad. I think if it was something I did, it would not work at all. I am fairly sure it has something to do with an update.
  9. I really didn't like Unity or the new version of Gnome. So, I switched to Xubuntu and Xfce. It has been a couple of months now, and I don't think that I'll be switching back.
  10. Tourdog

    Tourdog Guest

    My situation, exactly from the original post on this thread. Going from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS yesterday was a disaster. Years ago going from Karmic Koala to 10.04 went perfectly with not one flaw.

    My HP Pavilion, a1630n with Nvidia GForce 6150Le gpu, is bricked...............

    I'm beginning the reboot "shift" key and maybe "grub" will show and on and on...................

    10.04 was so stellar.

    Finally found a "system rescue disk from 10.04 LTS that gave me a stable desktop and "voila" the Nvidia problem was solved............... the recommended driver was incorrect. It should be a matter of time to get it 12.04 all up-dated now.
  11. eyal_tst

    eyal_tst Guest

    I don't have ubuntu in my computer, but I use it extensively for servers.
    I'm pretty happy with their software versions and upgrades.

    It is my (and most of my clients) first choice for servers (cloud, vps, etc).
  12. jubbly

    jubbly Guest

    Installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a fujitsu esprimo v5535. The software itself seems good but it doesn't seem to run as fast as mint on the same machine.

    My big problem though, as I asked about in another thread, is the graphics card is not supported out of the box even in Ubuntu. Until I get it sorted I can't use it.

    Please ubuntu, support sis672 graphics chipset out of the box!
  13. Lucas

    Lucas Guest

    I have been using ubuntu 12.04 for a while now and find it alot more user friendly than the other disto's, but i noticed that 12.10 has been released, so what the difference between the two versions?
  14. eyal_tst

    eyal_tst Guest

    The 12.04 version is an LTS (long term support) which means that Ubuntu will provide updates for 5 years since the release of the version (mid 2012). The 12.10 has regular support period which (I think) is 1.5 years.
    Also, the "*.04" versions are released every 3 years.

    We usually use 12.04 for servers, and 12.10 for desktops.
  15. tonkatoy42

    tonkatoy42 Guest

    i'm new to linux tryimg for first time it worked fine for a week then it told me there was and update since then the desktop will not load at all.
  16. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    tonkatoy42, please begin a new thread on your topic should you desire help with your concern -- this one is too old !

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