Trying to install new Drivers on Toshiba


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May 25, 2023
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I am trying to download new intel drivers onto a Toshiba L505-ES5018 Laptop. The device has the newest version of Ubutnu (as of may 2023) installed. I understand how to download the drivers, but this laptop's gpu is very limited, I was curious if anyone could help me find drivers that are just right for my device and how to install them.

The intel graphics drivers are usually in the linux kernel and don't need to be downloaded from elsewhere. Intel provide the relevant material to the kernel devs. To find out what your drivers are run:
lspci -nnk |grep -A3 -i vga
If the driver is i915, then you need the associated firmware package which, in debian, is: firmware-misc-nonfree. I'm not up the latest in naming in ubuntu but there'll be the same or equivalent package.
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The Intel drivers should be there already, but that GPU isn't all that fancy. There are no fancy settings or anything like that.

In Ubuntu you could try:

sudo add-apt-repository restricted
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Following any prompts along the way. If there are any updated drivers, that should take care of it.

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