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Salvatore Harker

I been trying to install OpenSuSe Ubuntu Debian Fedora Platforms and getting errors after install and during install. I have a Asus Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard with Intel Socket 1155 16 Gig of Ram 1 Terabyte HDD, Geforce GTX 670.

Which Platform would I use on that AMD64 or IA64 been trying AMD64

Debian I am getting Errors while in setup something about apt confiuration failed from DVDs, Network install I get error inside Debian about Gnome failed issue

OpenSuSe I am getting Errors within trying to update about issue failed stopped id #### and I am like what the...

I use to run SuSe back in 2003 when SuSe was I think 6 or something I had no problems and I am hoping I can get back into and learn more about. Any help would be nice
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Hi Salvatore. Your motherboard is brand new, for a Linux how don't use the last kernel, you will not succeed to get the installation. Try a live versus of a latest distro from "Arch", like "Chakra" for example. Perhaps you will have to wait a future versus Linux kernel to get the appropriate driver of your motherboard.

My mobo DVD gots Linux drivers how would I install them??
My motherboard has a DVD with drivers for Linux I think how would I install them
Thanks for the info I installed kde fedora net install seems to have installed correctly. I have 1 other question in fedora what is the command to open software management so I don't have to log into root all the time

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