Trying Puppy for my dial up world

Jay Blair

I haven't forgotten this site. Just have had limited time to spend online as our agricultural growing season nears the end and we are harvesting our last hay crop of the season.

In doing my reading and studying as I have had time of the distributions adequate for dial up connection I keep seeing that in addition to being light weight that Puppy is a good transition to follow into the Linux world.

I have downloaded Puppy Tahr64 6.0.5 using my windows OS and dial up and it completed in just over 19 hours. I then used my Windows loaded checksum program and boot USB maker to make my Puppy drive stick and F12 exited 8.1 UEFI windows manager and switched to the Legacy BIOS boot to boot from my Puppy Tahr stick and followed the instructions for the dial up connection.

Tahr recognized and tested my my modem and I entered my ISP info and it started to connect handshake with the puppy defaults but then it said "connection terminated by third party".

I notice that some of the sites warn that Puppy Tahr doesn't play nice with UEFI but if I understand using setup from F12, by going to legacy and selecting USB as my boot media the MS OS UEFI attributes are supposed to be disabled.

Although not there yet, I am getting closer and for now have to decide if as I evaluate the default settings of the connections setup , I should allow it to use Admin or Fido save status.

Puppy appeals to me because even at a size of 224 MB, in the current era, it is as basic as the 2087 KB load of Win 95 over 20 years ago.


Hello Jay,

There are uefi versions of Tahr - I don't know which version you downloaded.....
As for dial-up haven't actually used dial-up on a Pup for years and I know some people still use it where - Broadband is not an option,
That said here is more info at the Murga forums:
Finally is your modem external or internal and what model is it - will be helpful for us

Jay Blair


Thanks for the Puppy/UEFI info to study as part of my home night school studies.

As you suggest , maybe even though setting to legacy lets my system load Puppy into RAM , there is some UEFI block interrupting the ISP connection.

I downloaded the Tahr64 ISO and checksum I am night schooling my old dog tail on from at this time from the main download at by letting it download on my dial up as I did chores and slept.

At least now I know that I can connect to my ISP over POTS with my live Puppy. Now my next study phase is why my ISP rejects my login as a time out

Jay Blair

I may have found why the Puppy Linux OS load I have been trying to use on my dial up is being timed out by a third party application.

Despite all services using Linux server OS, three of the four that I have access to indicate that Linspire Linux is the only Linux that they accept.

My current ISP while happily providing dial up at this time has tech support who while admitting their servers run on Linux claim their service does not support Linux desktop access or dial up connections LOL.

I am guessing that although Puppy and Linspire Linux while both being Ubuntu based, Linspire contains some code that the servers recognize that Puppy and other versions I have tried using lack.

With this in mind, I will study the Linspire version for our requirements.

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