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Jay Blair

Apr 27, 2019
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I haven't forgotten this site. Just have had limited time to spend online as our agricultural growing season nears the end and we are harvesting our last hay crop of the season.

In doing my reading and studying as I have had time of the distributions adequate for dial up connection I keep seeing that in addition to being light weight that Puppy is a good transition to follow into the Linux world.

I have downloaded Puppy Tahr64 6.0.5 using my windows OS and dial up and it completed in just over 19 hours. I then used my Windows loaded checksum program and boot USB maker to make my Puppy drive stick and F12 exited 8.1 UEFI windows manager and switched to the Legacy BIOS boot to boot from my Puppy Tahr stick and followed the instructions for the dial up connection.

Tahr recognized and tested my my modem and I entered my ISP info and it started to connect handshake with the puppy defaults but then it said "connection terminated by third party".

I notice that some of the sites warn that Puppy Tahr doesn't play nice with UEFI but if I understand using setup from F12, by going to legacy and selecting USB as my boot media the MS OS UEFI attributes are supposed to be disabled.

Although not there yet, I am getting closer and for now have to decide if as I evaluate the default settings of the connections setup , I should allow it to use Admin or Fido save status.

Puppy appeals to me because even at a size of 224 MB, in the current era, it is as basic as the 2087 KB load of Win 95 over 20 years ago.

Hello Jay,

There are uefi versions of Tahr - I don't know which version you downloaded.....
As for dial-up haven't actually used dial-up on a Pup for years and I know some people still use it where - Broadband is not an option,
That said here is more info at the Murga forums:
Finally is your modem external or internal and what model is it - will be helpful for us

Thanks for the Puppy/UEFI info to study as part of my home night school studies.

As you suggest , maybe even though setting to legacy lets my system load Puppy into RAM , there is some UEFI block interrupting the ISP connection.

I downloaded the Tahr64 ISO and checksum I am night schooling my old dog tail on from at this time from the main download at by letting it download on my dial up as I did chores and slept.

At least now I know that I can connect to my ISP over POTS with my live Puppy. Now my next study phase is why my ISP rejects my login as a time out
I may have found why the Puppy Linux OS load I have been trying to use on my dial up is being timed out by a third party application.

Despite all services using Linux server OS, three of the four that I have access to indicate that Linspire Linux is the only Linux that they accept.

My current ISP while happily providing dial up at this time has tech support who while admitting their servers run on Linux claim their service does not support Linux desktop access or dial up connections LOL.

I am guessing that although Puppy and Linspire Linux while both being Ubuntu based, Linspire contains some code that the servers recognize that Puppy and other versions I have tried using lack.

With this in mind, I will study the Linspire version for our requirements.
As I have had the time between chores , I have tried using the Puppy stick I made on other dial up users in my area but as we all use the low price dial up from our phone provider, we all get the third party time out errors.

The Puppy USB works on the DSL access users who are mostly now using MX Linux when I use it on their systems.

The Linspire that EarthLink /Juneau dial up available in our are is a Ubuntu based paid cost package but there is a free version called Freespire that might work for us but I have to figure out how best to set my dial up to access the 10 hours a month free dial up to test it out.

If it works, those of us on dial up will have to decide over the next 38 months when we want to disconnect our cheap per month slow dial up from the phone company and switch to the once a year billed to a credit card EarthLink / Juneau dial up that while more per year offers dial up accelerator.
G'day Jay and thanks for keeping us posted :)

I have used Freespire (but not for a while, although I plan to keep it) and found it quite good.



If I loaded the proper version is the rub for my old dinosaur of a hardware end engineer. Even using MX on the systems of folks with high speed gateways , I flubbed a few attempts of getting the gateways settings tweaked as I try to teach myself more of the software side of the cyber world.

Sadly being retired for two decades, instead of having plenty of time to study, holding my real life retirement world chores done takes up as much if not more time than my work and after hours study time did.

When I do find time to look at my Linux loads on my collection of USB sticks with the toe tag labels zip tied to them, Ioften have to back up many pages in my notebook to get myself back in student mode and clear all the normal and heavy rain related chore thoughts from my head for a weekend or few days, but it's still "edison educational" and fun :)


I have tried figuring the tahr and even tried setting up access to the 10 hour free dial up to see if it is my AT&T service not playing nice but the 10 hour free isp for test didn't play as nice as the AT&T did, so I figure to try other pups besides tahr as us here on cheap dial up in addition to slow dial up , many have slower processors than i have.

Sadly since the first week of November, my computer time has been way minimal as we have had heavy rain, tornadoes , black outs and the nice weather time in between storms I have been clearing soaked ground tipped trees and limbs or patching roof leaks.

With the wildfires I have been reading about and seeing on the news in your part of the world I I wish I could send you some of our rain.

I am still studying and trying and know I have that one major block in my head that Linux while being the alternative to MS, I remember when it was the simple bare bones O/S that worked great with dial up. I just have to dig through the current appeal of higher cost high speed freiendly O/S versions and find the buried dial up friendly bare bones versions still around much as Edison found thosands of unsuccessful successes of a light bulb filament that didn't work before the lights came on and stayed on.

ironically while doing my real world chores over the last two months, 3 folks in their late 20s /early 30s ditched their smart phones, high speed internet ans cable or satellite TV in favor of low cost basic flip phones , over the air TV and $9 a month dial and asked me to connect USB modems for their current MS PCS and I steered them to the U.S. Robotics Linux ready dial up non winmodems and the Linux friendly dial up ISP.

Quite a few folks seem to be either feeling budget strain from the newer high speed internet of every thing options or dislike the intrusions of their privacy by MS, Facebook and other players in the technology push. So I guess it is all good as I study and learn all the "pups in the litter" now as I find the time.

Course the next week or so i suspect to be busy trying to replace Win 7 with Linux on a number of wireless laptops as MS end support for that . i hope they likr MX as that has proven the easiest for me to install for the folks with high speed connections.
Yes, we expect to see an influx of new Members, with the Windows 7 cessation of support.

On an off-topic note, this from a conversation I just penned to 2 of my friends here:

For Applethorpe (Stanthorpe) last 3 days -

4.6 mm, 6.0, and ... drum roll ... 75.6 mm - total 3.45 inches :D:D

Still more forecast, to come.

Firefighters and people across the east coast are dancing with joy, and some creeks in New South Wales (NSW) are running for the first time in 5 - 10 years.

With the wildfires I have been reading about and seeing on the news in your part of the world I I wish I could send you some of our rain.

So thank you for your kind thoughts, your wish has been granted, and I have received many kind thoughts from Members here, for which I am thankful.

Cheers and


If the rest of the Land of Linux is having contact with Win7 refugees as myself and a few other hardware and software folks, I am sure the community is growing.

At lunch last week , six of us added together the 7s we have helped into the Linux realm and so far together we have helped around a hundred to transition their personal PCs.

The rest at lunch laughed when I told them I really enjoyed how the friends of my friends were "paying" me for giving them a free open source operating system by treating me to dinner as I helped them make the move at their homes and the ones who dropped their laptops off at my house some brought me a case of Dr. Pepper , box chicken dinners from our local hometown fast food restaurant and one guy brought me a sleeve of my favorite moist snuff because my friends who sent the 7s to me told them because the O/S was free , I explained that I was not supposed to sell it and I myself was still learning also.

I told the others not to laugh because I was the only bachelor of us and those wife made home cooked meals were a nice switch from my usual take out or home cooking :)

I have noticed many of the former 7 users now using MX like that in addition to putting the user manual PDF in their files, they really like the hard copy print out of it.

Only one who switched by dropping his PC off here had trouble connecting to his home network so I made a house call, we figured it out and played a few games of real world across the table chess as I told him my studying and helping folks get supported systems again brought back memories of what the internet was like it was when it was young , more personally fufilling , challenging and better than it is today in my opinion.
Wonderful read, Jay - measure your waistline before and after, won't you?

Personally, I cannot say enough about the MX series - although I have Ubuntus, and Mints and Manjaroes and Fedoras in my stable, MX still stands out, and it doesn't hurt that their wallpapers are gob-smackingly gorgeous.

We don't have a stopwatch set on you, so just drop by when you have a chance, and share with us, and if you have a question we may be able to help with, don't hesitate to ask.

Cheers, and may The Force of Linux be with you and your friends.

Loading the MX on the 7s got me to thinking about my 56k dial up tweaking and an idea came to me.

The former 7 users PCs accepted the MX O/S and it was easy to connect to their high speed connections through its default tools.

I on the other hand still have the same dial up I had with my original parallel port modem win 95 and internal dial modem XP and Vista machines but now use 8.1 O/S on the internal drive while connecting with the Linux ready US Robotics external USB modem.

When MX didn't work for me, I thought the light weight Puppy might and it made a few steps into the login before being timed out by a third party according to my ISP.

I knew that to use my dial up to surf with Win 8.1 , I had to do some stripping and tweaking of the O/S for this PC to use my modem and that is why I can still surf sites and even load videos as I do other chores for an hour or so.

The idea that struck me was that the USB port numbering of Linux and Windows while not only being off count of each other, when hardware stopped offering user manuals with I/O port diagrams maybe my dial up brick wall is a combination of the versions I am trying not having definition of the 8 USB ports on the front and rear of my machine.

Of course the MS systems tools don't offer an easy way to find which port is which or which are 2.0 or 3.0 even with the help of the God Mode tool I found via FOSS and PC Mag to minimize the MS system info hiding.

What I did find out was that the USB modem shows me the windows com port and speed, so I am thinking of moving it around to diagram the com ports and convert to Linux port numbers then try connecting again here with the Linux demos and enter the location of my slow modem.

I figure that if MS thinks everyone connects by wireless or ethernet but can be set to use a dial up fax modem when in the boonies, Maybe I can tweak Linux the same way I did this closed 8.1.

The last few days as I had time I read through the MX 19 manual again and reviewed here and at forums and I see many references to MX being a mid weight O/S and by comparison I figure any windows system is as heavy weight as the anvils that the coyote always got crushed with in the Roadrunner cartoons.

As far as the timeout I saw with tahr pup in connecting with my ISP since many of the high speed users use the same provider , either I have to more clearly define the modem port or possibly the O/S is initiating an update or confirmation loading my slower connection at the same time as my ISP needs max handshake to verify me.

So these thoughts bring me back to maybe the tahr although light weight may require some auto system being set to manual as I had to adjust the windows start up maintenance mode to connect to my ISP, but that got me thinking of the mid weight MX again.

Do you think my time would be better spent tinkering with the connection timing out tahr pup or try com port mapping , converting and defining my modem USB in MX?.

The folks from Dell customer support actually contacted me asking if my hardware was working after I had stripped and tweaked it to disable the WIFI and all vendor support and tracking telemetry as I bare bones this PC as much as I could.

I put a Love on that because it was a fascinating read, Jay, but I am next to useless with hardware and ports - beyond my paygrade.

I always rooted for the coyote.

Greetings Jay,
My welcome to you is a bit late.
I got to thinking back when all I had was dial-up. UGH!
If there is a way to snail mail you, I'd be happy to make an ISO copy of any distro you like and mail it to you. Then you would not have to get 'timed out' during a download. UGH!
I have fond memories of that, as you can see. UGH! LOL.
Perhaps there is a way, somehow.
Old Geezer
70 Tango Charlie,
Thanks for the offer but the time out with tahr isn't in getting the Linux download. In the last 6 months I have made MX work on Win 8.1 machines and more recently some 7s. I have tahr, mint and MX load USBs.

those of us with 8.1 and ethenet gateways configure fine but for those of us still in the dial up zone , the NX Linux has no easily seen way to configure dial up protocol and the tahr dial up identification while easily configured and initially detected by my internet server for some reason after it dials and my ISP server answers and verifies a dial up connection, as it verifies my ISP username the phone company server reports a third party timed it out and the only time I have seen this machine do that was when I connected to my dial up and MS interrupted the dial up sequence by trying to check for updates.

I just have to learn more about the various Linux versions and tweak the settings if I am lucky.

While here in our dial up zone , we can use whatever Linux version that will connect I just have to study the settings of both the pup and MX installation drives I made on the first 8.1 that was on high speed.

Some of my friends have high speed and some are on dial up but none of them want me to blow out their 8.1 yet and those with high speed are still using the persistent MX USBs as boot SSDs and have the BIOS access instructions for when they have to use Windows 8.1 until 2023.

Being able to clean load on now non supported win 7s showed me how nice and easy it is to set up.

So I have two directions now to study in but am thinking of concentrating a bit more on my MX dial up settings although I will be studying Pup versions also so I can make a light weight rescue stick.

Thanks again for the offer, but the ease of use on the machines in the high speed area show me the sticks are good but I have to study internet connections of them all. I just have to decide which one to study on more as our 2023 end of support date comes closer :)

But I'll never put myself through the agony of dial-up again:eek:
Maybe OP will get back to us!
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