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Troubleshooting Linux Wizard-style - Lend Me Your Ears and Give Me Your Stories

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by wizardfromoz, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. wizardfromoz

    wizardfromoz Super Moderator
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    Apr 30, 2017
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    More experienced Members and Staff may tell me that this Thread’s purpose is already in place in another Section, with another Thread.

    If so, I will pack up me bongoes, and move over there. :)

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    If not, then it is my hope that we can, together, put together a mini-Wiki on Troubleshooting your/our Linuxes.

    My first example was solved only today, at time of writing.

    Chris Turner
  2. wizardfromoz

    wizardfromoz Super Moderator
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    Apr 30, 2017
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    Tab Autocomplete function was not working in one of my Distros, notably Linux Mint 18.3 ‘Sylvia’ MATE.


    High – I use this function frequently, to “cd” to where I store my downloaded isos, and then use “dd” to burn USB sticks.


    Started early February 2018. Duration 18 days, so far.


    No, just on this particular Distro, all others (23 – 24) are fine.


    I was going to erase the Distro and reinstall.

    It would have taken 2 minutes or less with GParted to erase the Distro; I had the iso to reinstall; this would have taken 30 minutes or more, and then 30 minutes or more to restore my Settings.

    I also had a snapshot of the Distro with Timeshift, but thought there was little point in using it if it simply reproduced the problem.


    Some weeks ago, I had thought it handy to have the two partitions /dev/sda31 called Adata2-way (which I use instead of Home, for data storage) and /dev/sda32 Shifted, which I use for currently 18 snapshots of Distros … on my Desktop, that is, automounted.

    Elsewhere, I had bookmarked, perhaps a year ago, a Tutorial on automounting, and tracked it down. It is here


    … and so I modified my /etc/fstab file to accommodate that.

    Here is my fstab, reproduced using nano.

    SCREENSHOT 1 - fstab as it was

    The bottom two lines were the new lines resulting from reading the Tutorial, and described my /dev/sda31 and /dev/sda32.

    ... following is my revised fstab

    SCREENSHOT 2 - fstab revised, now

    and here is my input at the Linux Community site (only partly reproduced, copyright may be in place)


    SCREENSHOT 3 - my input to that Tutorial

    That is my input at the top, we will see if anything comes back, from it.

    So, in closing for now:

    It does not matter whether you are a Newb/Noob, or an Old Hand at Linux (maybe 3 - 5 years experience, arbitrary figure) -

    If you have troubleshooted (should that be troubleshot? :D) a problem - it may be of interest or news to others, share them here ;)

    Meantime, I will keep on Posting, lol.

    Enjoy your Linux, and share the love :p

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