Trouble with Linux Mint Fallback mode... Please Help!



I am a brand new user to Linux, so bare with me if I sound stupid. :)
I just installed Linux Mint on a friends crappy computer. Specs:
-Pentium 4 Processor
-.5 GB RAM (I think)
-AMD/ATI Radeon 9200 (looked on some forums and found that this might be causing the problem???)
-32 bit
(If you need more just ask!)

Anyway... Installed Linux Mint 32bit via CD, and it worked great, I thought, once the install and format was complete, I got an error saying something along the lines of, "Cinnamon has crashed! would you like to restart cinnamon, you are currently running in Fallback mode" There are black lines on top and bottom of the screen, and the desktop doesn't seem to work.

When Troubleshooting, I installed the same OS, using the same boot disk, on a different crappy computer I had, and it worked great! It actually sped up the computer to make it usable.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix the crash and Fallback mode.

I appreciate any help.

I think that Cinnamon is a little more picky with video cards. I'd suggest trying the Mate (or Xfce) desktop instead.

Welcome to the community!
Thanks for your help atanere!

I installed Xfce alongside Cinnamon and it worked great. So, I'm going to do a fresh install of the Xfce only.

Thanks again!
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