Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC


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We have two pc's running Linux Mint 18.3

We also have an Ipad and an iphone which weregularly take videos and pics on....and then transfer them to either of the Linux pc's

We use an iphone app called Simple Transfer

Start the app on the iphone.....enter the numerical url on the PC's browser......they "see" each other....transfer whichever video or pic's we need to....and then exit.

However....we have changed service modem router thingie.......and the app will no longer connect with the pc's

Obviously this means the router is blocking all the connections between the device (iphone) and the computer

How do I fix this problem ?

So... the pics etc are transferred via the local wifi network
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I don't know however if I had to take an educated guess it sounds like one of the ports are blocked.
I'm not sure where you would begin to figure out which port it is as I think there are several different ports.

Hope you find the fix.


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The key to all the apps is : You can access your photos through a browser as long as your computer and your mobile devices are under the same network.

Therefore, all the apps shown in @arochester's link work in a similar manner.

And therein lies my problem.

Both my phone and my pc are using the same wifi network....but the phone does not have access to the sub network.

I can access the router's url....but I have no clue what I need to change there


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So we have all sorts of experts here....but nobody proficient with a routers foibles.

oh well....back to the drawing board.


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Hey Brian... I've banged my head against networking problems before, and it's not my specialty. But I think @Alexzee is probably right... it is probably an issue with needing some certain port to be open. You may can find some documentation on the "Simple Transfer" program that you're using. I guess it's an Apple product, and I know NOTHING about anything Apple/Mac. If you can find the correct port and open it in the router settings (and maybe the PC firewall too), then I'd hope that the devices would talk to each other again.

Other thoughts that might work would be to disable your firewall in both the computer and iPhone, and maybe even the router, while you try the transfer. Firewalls block ports by nature, so this might work.

Another possibility is to transfer by Bluetooth instead of WiFi. The phone almost certainly has Bluetooth, but you may have to add a dongle to the computer if you don't already have Bluetooth on it.

Finally, I don't know (anything!) about iPhones, but with an Android you can get a special USB cable, called an "on-the-go" (OTG) cable, that lets me transfer files from my phone to a standard USB flash drive. From there, I could then plug into the PC and transfer them to it. It's more of a hassle to have 2-steps, but it should work if you can use a similar OTG cable.

Good luck!
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Hello !

enter the numerical url on the PC's browser
Is this an actual IP adresse ? Or is it some DNS with a number as parameter ?
the app will no longer connect with the pc's
When you enter the URL, what is the message displayed ? Did you try to inspect the page on your browser, move to network tab, and refresh ? That would be helpful because maybe you are reaching the phone but for something else fails in the process.

Can you still ping your phone from the desktop ?

Can you give us details about your router, such as model/brand name ? Is your router also your wireless access point or is there any device between the router and your phone ?

My guess here is that your AP (which is probably also your router) has an option to isolate peers, as its a common security feature. Usually its only enabled on "guest" AP but maybe your IAP has set security options to the safest default.


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G'day Julien !.... Thanks for helping, mate.

When I enter the URL.... it eventually times out...error message "the connection has timed out" etc...attached screenshot

Ping...attached screenshot

Router: The router has an ethernet cable plugged directly into it from my pc as well as my wife's pc....the other devices here (three iphones and a laptop) are connected wirelessly
PLDT home|fibr
Fiber Home Model :: AN5506-04

There is no device between router and phone (wireless connection)

I am able to access the router, via its url :
(I just typed that url in and hit eneter and the browser console listed quite a number of I have screen shot it again...attached at bottom.
try url.png
browser console.png
after pldt router url.png


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If it helps I am quite able screenshot each of the 'windows' inside the router...


Thx, the "Requests" tab would have been more useful tho ^^

Ok so after some searches this is definetly an AP isolation issue. The problem is that your device's admin config is locked. There are some threads out there describing how to gain full admin access but it might take time.

Look at the comments when it comes to AP isolation... This is a mess.

So good luck trying all these things. If you want a workarround just buy a wireless access point with few ethernet ports, set it as a bridge and use it exclusively (connect both your wifi devices and ethernet devices to this new AP).

You can screenshot your config pages, maybe you have an unlocked version.


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By wireless access you mean a "ethernet switch" ?....this connects to the router via ethernet cable.....and has 8 points for ethernet cables to plug into. Both desktop pc's are attached to the router via one of those

tp link ethernet switch.jpg


The problem is that your router wont mix ethernet with wifi. The workarround would be to put all you devices on a subdevice. I made a small schema

photo of a WiFi access point, just to make it visual :


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There is a usb port in the back of the router....I dont suppose it may allow access if I was to connect the iphone via its own cable ?


I don't think that your phone will detect the router as a network device if you plug it with USB.

This router is crap :/

If we focus on the File transfer app problem an another option is to set the same vpn on your phone and on your desktop. They will be on the same virtual local network so it should work.


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No luck. Same vpn on both pc and iphone..same server in dice.


Is this a public vpn or a private one ? Public VPN will probably prevent peers from seeing each other.

You need a private VPN but you will hardly find one free.

You are left with these options :
  • set or buy a private VPN
  • figure out how to disable port isolation on your router (if its even possible...)
  • get another WiFi access point
  • transfer your files by other means


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I am using a paid vpn

We are transferring pics....mainly....then there are videos...
Looks like gmail is going to get a workout !!!


Looks like gmail is going to get a workout !!!
Sad !
Most ISP router are limited at some point. I always use a custom router behind it, with the ISP device set as bridge, and a custom AP. When possible I totally remove the their hardware with a custom modem if I can get my end on the right credentials. This way I can set a rock solid network for my home.
Sadly, DOCSIS and GPON is not properly handled by most ISP so you are stuck with their crappy hardware at some point.

Its kind of expensive but a router has basically a 30 years lifetime when it comes to protocol support and an AP has a 10 years lifetime (it can last longer but you will have a slow connection compared to what out there). For the equivalent of 1.5$ a month you can get your hands on nice hardware that wont let you down.

That being said you should still contact your ISP to complain about their device.


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The complaint is in....and has been for the past week or so...... I am currently in south east asia, and the speed of reply leaves a lot to be desired. (sarcasm)

The sooner I am back in Australia the better .

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