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Aug 31, 2020
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Good day to all.

A lot of time has been spent and there is a solution to the problem, but it is "satisfactory".

You must disable the touch screen (not the touchpad) permanently, with the option to turn it back on in the future or if necessary. At the moment, I use scripts (xinput disable/enable id) written to hot keys, but when switching to sleep mode, the device id changes and either write through the terminal or restart. I want to avoid a lot of unnecessary movements.

In Google, I came across the only adequate and understandable solution that I use at the moment (a huge number of links with information about touchpad). I didn't find the touch screen in the bios.

Maybe I didn't look well, if you know the method please tell me.

Laptop model is Lenovo Thinkpad t460s and install system is Manjaro Linux.

If there are errors in the text, sorry(((

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