Today's article is purely for fun. You will learn almost nothing of value!


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Jul 23, 2020
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I do mention the pipe, which is awesome, but it's otherwise devoid of useful content and purely for entertainment purposes!

Feedback is pretty awesome.

I ended up laughing !!

I also learned quite a bit !
I may do an article in the future that has more silly things you can do in the terminal.

'cmatrix' is fun, especially if you're out in public and people are looking at you and your screen.
I might have to write a new and improve bash insulter.
Here are some ideas for improvement.
  • Insults you by name.
  • Insults you based on the error you made.
  • Reports your email to RBLs if you typo whatever cli mail command you use.
  • Use ASCII color codes to make it's insults more vibrant to look at.
  • Questions the sanity of using the command you attempted to use incorrectly.
  • Insults your hacky piss poor Ninja Command Line skills
  • Suggests you should just move to MacOS where it will do everything for you.
  • Randomly closes tabs in your browser without you knowing.
  • Randomly creates links on your desktop to dangerous commands to see if you will click on them.
  • Create README.txt in every directory on your system that only contains a md5sum hash of all files in that directory.
  • Emails your browser history to you so you know where you've been on the Internet.
I will take requests for other new features.

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