Today's article is just a brief overview of some basic apt commands...


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Jul 23, 2020
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It's nothing more, nothing less. I only included the apt commands that I use often. I also wrote it in a hurry, 'cause I forgot what day it was. I do have a guest article in the queue (thanks!) that I'll have to format and edit. It doesn't look like it'll take too long, but I may need to test some of the commands which can mean everything from spinning up a VM to poking a VPS that I already have available (though this should require none of that, thankfully). It looked pretty thorough when I skimmed it. It'll get published when I want a 'day off' (sometime this week).


If you don't use apt, you probably don't need this article. If you've been here long AND you use apt, you probably don't need this article. It's squarely aimed at newer users. I'm not sure how many regular readers are newer users - but I do get some comments and emails from newer users who appreciate the site. So, there's that....

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