Today's article is a weird one, about using Tor while using T-Mobile as your hotspot.


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Jul 23, 2020
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T-Mobile (and other mobile providers, they're not unique in this) disallow Tor. It will simply sit there and not let you connect.

What you need to do, and I used my VPN for this, is configure a proxy. If you do that, you can connect.

This isn't just applicable to Linux users, surely. I'm sure this will work for anyone tethered to a T-Mobile connection. You also don't need a paid VPN for this. There are a zillion free proxy servers out there, and pretty much any of them should work - unless they too block Tor. If that's the case, just pick another one.

Sadly, from my research, a number of mobile providers disallow Tor access. So, now you can bypass that if you want.

This article is only going to appeal to a small subset of people, but I think it was worth sharing. Feedback pleases me...

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