Today's article is a nice and easy one, deleting directories in the terminal.


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It's an article meant to answer a question from a new person, as some of my other articles are.

Feedback is awesome.


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I have found switching to Linux being comfy with the Terminal all stems from using DOS to navigate for a few years before actually taking the Windows bite of poison.

CD dir name works.

DIR lists dir and works.

More familiar than not. Then Norton Commander made it a bit easier, a sort of File Explorer with mouse support and still not Windows. Then Windows. Then of course Distro hopping until I found the ones I like and use. Mint, Peppermint and MX. Still try different ones. But so far those 3 are my go to's.

I SSH to my Pi hoard in terminal. XMing and desktop works mostly. But crashes out once in a while after closing a window. Then its Terminal again, as to restart XMing means re-connecting again.
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