Today's article has you controlling your WiFi from the terminal...


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Jul 23, 2020
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It's exactly as it says on the tin. Also, I've decided to intersperse the articles about things like 'lsusb'. I don't want to bore anyone, but I do want to cover the topics.

This article isn't all that complicated. I think a new user could figure it out. We've covered this before with nmcli, but this time we're using 'rfkill'. (For some reasons, my fingers don't like typing 'rfkill'. I dunno why.)

I do love me some feedback.

By the way, I kinda have a question about my writing style.

If you've read the article, is that putting it at the point where a new user can act on it, understand it, and take the new skills forward with them as they progress?

Since day one, I've aimed at 'making Linux approachable. That's why I don't go for a technical writing style. I keep it informal - with the second section being (ideally) information-dense.
Looks easy enough to me, David :)
Looks easy enough to me, David :)

Thanks! It's not easy to tell. I mean, I know what I said... I know what I meant... But, I've been using Linux exclusively for a decade and a half. Sometimes I worry that it'll be too advanced for an article that I'm trying to make easy. (Some are harder than others, but most of 'em are trying to make it approachable/easy enough to be understood by a layperson.)

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