Today, I tell you how to make a swapfile.


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This one should be pretty universal - for those distros that can use a swapfile and don't require a swap partition.

I'm putting it in 'getting started', though it may be a bit advanced for that.

Like always, feedback is appreciated.

The newsletter is kinda working again - except it's spitting out plain text emails where the email client appears to be opening it in HTML and not automatically linking the URL. I should have that sorted out by the end of the day.

Do note, those who had signed up to the newsletter (email notifications of new articles) will need to sign up again. The signup form was being hammered by bots, causing the server to spit out welcome emails to thousands of email servers around the globe. (Admins don't look kindly upon such actions.)

It also means using reCAPTCHA. Sorry.
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