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Thoughts on the best Printer to use with the Linux system?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by linbgs, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    What is the best Printer to use with the Linux system?

  2. Rob

    Rob Guest

    At the current state of Linux, that question is kind of like asking which printer is best to use with Windows.. I haven't run into a printer that hasn't worked correctly yet.. at work we have a couple network printers.. brother and HP (both work fine).. at home i've always had the hp printers.. lately the all-in-one type.
  3. cybergal

    cybergal Guest

    Try: openprinting.org/printers
    I have used both Epson & HP on Linux; currently using Epson Artisan 50
  4. AnonaMoss

    AnonaMoss Guest

    I like the Lexmark printer. I love it because I can use it with various operating systems with no promblem, and the ink cartridges are fairly priced compared to others.
  5. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Samsung ML 1660 series, I have it,and its the best & the smallest printer you can find ! :)
  6. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    Better to get informed on which ones do not work, or only work with user effort.
    Many Lexmarks do not work or ink is expensive -- but this may no longer be the case, as AnonaMoss notes. Some Canons require going to Asia or Europe sites for drivers. On the other hand HP usually works but it has recently been noted that conflicts between gutenprint and hplip drivers exist.

    Some distros work out-of-the-box with more printers than others (notably mint, solus, peppermint3) compared to say straight debian or slackware. So, which distro is being used is a variable, as well.
  7. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Why not just go with Samsung ML 1660 series, its the besto ne u can find for small amount of money :)
  8. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    No longer available ?!

    Think I'd check out the Epson Artisan, myself.
  9. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    How do you mean no longer available? :/

  10. actually, I have been trying Linux of and on for several years, but never have switched over to it compleetly as I have yet to get a printer to work with it, from Canon to Brother (current)
    I have has Lexmark, HP and Ipsom, none have worked with any distro...

    currently I have a Brother MFC-J615W...no luck getting it to work with Mint or Zorin

    I also tried openprinting.org/printers, it says it was submitted but not proofread, so it isn't on the site as a result
  11. wow actually got it to work, doesn't tell me things about the ink levels and such like Windows, but it does print now...I had to use USB, was just using a ethernet cable before
  12. printon3d

    printon3d Guest

    HP printers all the way. Don't go for Canon printers you'll regret later :)
    Almost all in one printers are working well on linux and all wireless printers will work just fine on a linux OS. Check also this link http://printon3d.com/best-wireless-printer/

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