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Things I do not like about Fedora

Discussion in 'Fedora' started by Bill, May 29, 2012.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I recently decided to give Gnome 3 another chance. I left Fedora when they switched from Gnome 2x to Gnome 3x. At that time, I decided to distro hop to see what else was out there.

    I decided to give Gnome 3 another chance and try to use it for most of my computing needs for 1 month. I installed Fedora 16 to a partition on my main computer, which also has partitions for Ubuntu 12.04 and Vista. Actually, it was FEL 16 (Fedora Electronics Lab), which is a spin of Fedora 16 that comes prepacked with a lot of electronics software built in. I particularly like KTechlab, which is very similar to Multisim, which I am very familiar with.

    Here are a couple of things that so far, I do not like about Fedora.

    1. It is very annoying that every time I go to press the back button in my browser (Chrome) or the Activities button, I seem to always over shoot my target and end up pulling up all of the active windows. In case you do not know what I am talking about, if you move your mouse to the extreme upper left corner of your screen, the window you are currently using shrinks and all of the other active windows you have open are displayed as well. You then have to select the window you were on to bring it back up and try again. Even if only one window is open, you still have to select it. I can see this being useful to switch windows, but the location is annoying. I think this function was there in the Gnome 2 days, but I think I used to move it to the bottom left or right corner to make it harder to accidentally hit. I am going to leave in where it is this time to see how I feel about in the next few weeks.

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    2. The default Fedora repositories kind of suck. So far, most of the software that I have looked for are not in there, such as Virtualbox.

    3. The default package manager does not display lists in alphabetical order. This makes it hard to search for something. I ended up installing Yum-Extender.

    There are other things, but these are the main two for now.
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  2. I have to agree with the default Fedora repos, however it's for a reason. Fedora was made to be completely powered by FOSS projects, which is why you won't find VirtualBox, Flash, or the likes on the default repos.

    It's a pain and you need to sudo nautilus in order to manually install more repos in /ect/yum.repos.d or wherever. I'm sure there's an easier way but I haven't cared to look it up.
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  3. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    Fedora does have spins that may be better suited to your tastes. I myself prefer the XFCE spin since my mindset is better suited to an older gnome2 style of doing things.

    You might try a different spin to help you get past some of the issues that you are seeing.

    The software repositories are more restrictive for Fedora so they may not have everything you need/want in the base repositories. Adding repositories is pretty easy, and if you need something that is not in a repo most places will have an RPM that works.

    Fedora is a good distro. I personally have ran both Ubuntu, and Fedora. I stuck with Fedora because the kitchen sink wasn't there already for me. I wanted to have that control of if I wanted it I found it and installed it. I did not want assumptions made on my behalf.
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  4. designer

    designer Guest

    hi, everybody.
  5. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I am actually running a Fedora spin, FEL 16. I also know I can replace Gnome 3 with Xfce or whatever. I am trying to give Gnome 3 a chance, though.I have Ubuntu 12.04 on another partition, but I am going to see if I can stick out Gnome 3 for a month.

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