The Ultimate Linux

I personally like openSUSE Tumbleweed. It's rolling release and it's rock solid and stable.
I use Mint Because it's easy setup and stable. 2 Choice would be MX-19.3 . 3rd Opensuse tumbleweed.
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my main box runs mint 20 [easy for other family members to use] it's second drive runs MX-linux [both 64 bit]
my dell lappy runs Mint LMDE4 [with xfce desktop] at home but when away I swap drives to MX 64 bit
and after years of running Peppermint re-spin on my old Acer ZG5 I recently changed it to MX 32 bit.

[I have several spare drives loaded with different distros]

As far as I am concerned each different Linux build has both advantages and dis-advantages, so as far as I am concerned there is no ultimate Linux distro, just the one that works best on your box [some work better than others for different kit] with the desktop you like most

Fedora 34 for my main workstation, love this distro, very stable, no major issues and works right out of the box.
or the wacked linux that does everything:
Hey I'm looking for the ULTIMATE Linux
There is no best distro because each distro has different target users. It depends on what you want to use it for.
If you prefer everything out-of-box: Linux Mint or Ubuntu.
For ethical hacking: Backbox Linux (my favorite) or Kali.
Privacy and security: Kodachi, Tails, Whonix.
Light-weight distros for old computers: Q4OS, AntiX.
Just Comment what youre favroite is!
My favorite is Backbox Linux. It is a hacking distro based on Ubuntu. Being an Ubuntu user for years, I can retain my favorite software from Ubuntu in Backbox. It comes with built-in TOR mode (anonymous mode), much lighter and easier to use than Ubuntu GNOME too.
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