Fighter aircraft are not designed for close air support

Actually the F-15 Strike Eagle can carry several B61 Mod 3, 4, and mod 7 Nuke bombs with 170 Kilotons max yield each almost 10 time the size over Nagasaki - the old F-111F could carry 4 of them - the B61 Mod 7 is 340 Kilotons makes the one dropped by the Enola Gay look like a firecracker. Mod 12 is the latest version at 50 Kilotons with GPS guidance and has a Earth Penetrator Warhead for under ground bunkers
True different technologies since the ones I mentioned are older aircraft but I guess that's with all technology, as we go forward the older technology will always be outgunned by the newer technologies since even computers have gotten smaller and better since the early days. But I just wanted to point out the aircraft that the two aircraft that have actually killed a lot of people where those two. Current modern aircraft can do more damage including modern bombs but lets hope those will never be used.

Just a reminder, lest we fly too close to the sun, this is a no-politics zone.

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Also, I decided to verify the US Army Air Corps thing and the USAF was formed in September of 1947 - or just a couple of years after WWII ended.

My history is fairly good, but I'm not sure - I suspect Doolittle (and some maybe some dude whose name began with an M - I can't remember his name after this much wine) would have been a proponent and a very influential person. I do know that some lenience in the Air Corps and Air Force helped make automobile racing more popular - and not just in the US. Quite a number of race tracks, even those that still exist, are on old airfields.

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