The Precise Run Slow



Hi guys, i upgrade mrs. natty to mr. precise. I think the LTS version is more bla bla bla than non LTS version. Like supported untill 5 years. After upgrading version, i feel the precise run slow. Sometime it hang if i use it around 2-3 hours. Fyuh.. Do the LTS version mean more trouble so it supported untill 5 years??? -just kidding-. I say this coz there are many users feel like me with this precise.

Any suggestion?

I think the longest I have ever kept an OS is less than a year. That would be boring to have the same one for 5 years. I had issues with precise too. My problems were mainly dropping wireless. I did not notice speed issues.

Maybe it will become stable around year 3 or 4.
Yups,.. You look like me. Always boring. And always should get the newest.

But no problem. I've made some packages that could be installed in offline machine. This for 12.04 only. Support me to can upload all apps that are 'Top Rated' in USC n_n
That's kinda bizarre, I haven't had any new issues with 12.04, though I'm using a non-LTS version with Gnome Shell, and Unity's removed altogether. The slowdown issues might be explained by a memory leak in Unity if you're using a Unity desktop, but I have no idea why there'd be wireless problems that weren't already present.

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