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Dec 22, 2017
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Hello everyone! This topic is intended for people like me who want to be advanced in everything. I decided to collect Linux books for continuous learning, so i'm going to post all the information about good Linux books here, about Fundamentals, The Linux Bible, and so on. And i hope that you do it as well! Share your sublime knowledge here too! Post your books, give some advice, maybe it's not worth to read books and just explore Linux with touch?

Speak about sharing knowledge - i mean also to ask questions!
Mine is:
Is it enough to just read inner Linux manuals?

Let's start with the simple - The commands MAN, INFO and HELP, and our Forum's Guides, really helpful. Also try to use the forum search for commands and whatever you stumble upon for interesting stuff and notes, i found a lot of useful material.

And first what i found while searching for Linux books is this good and free resource -
It's free and fills every aspect of Linux, maybe not, but i glanced at TOC and it feels pretty much full.

Second i found the Linux Bible, and Shell scripting from the same publisher? Well this book kinda decent, if first option doesn't fulfill everything. It also pretty expensive, but i think quality is on the top.

I don't like the O'Reilly(O'rly?), but it's worth to mention that they're also have some books.

This is all for me, i'm not enough advanced with writing and customizing the kernel and stuff, but for future i guess someone kind will post some information about it.


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Apr 6, 2017
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Speak about sharing knowledge - i mean also to ask questions!
Mine is: Is it enough to just read inner Linux manuals?

Hi @Greghove, and welcome! I think a certain amount of reading is essential to learning Linux (or most any other subject). Manuals, free e-books or cheat sheets, YouTube videos... any source can help to learn.

But in the end, it is the doing that counts. You have to put the knowledge you gain into practice... you have to install Linux and use it. Then keep using, and keep learning. And don't be deterred by mistakes... they are the best teachers. All of that brings experience.


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