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Feb 13, 2020
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For some definition of 'new'. I recall a relatively famous person (whose name escapes me) lamenting how all of our information was 'going into databases' - and this was back in the mid to late 80s.

We largely ignored them and considered them a bit of a kook, but they weren't wrong with these regards.

They talked about trading and selling databases and how we never knew what information their databases had in them. They discussed how credit cards all recorded the products and prices we paid and more things like that.

I wish I could find it. There's a good video from one of the old computer TV shows on (probably) PBS. Hindsight being 20/20, we probably should have given them more attention.

It might have been Woz? I'm not sure... A part of me wants to say that it was someone that went to school with me, but it was definitely a TV show that they were on.
To quote another famous saying “always follow the money”..... I have added my own twist to this quote and I often say “follow the money and you will get the truth!” . at The heart of the economy is consumerism, our modern economy relies on us all buying things regularly and throwing things away and rebuking things again. Nothing is built to last anymore it’s always getttin thinner, lighter and becomes obsolete quicker. My father has a jukebox from the 60’s who is still solid and works fine and runs on valves yet a an mp3 player you bought 3 years ago can be busted! I’m not against technology I think if as mans we use it to enhance our lives it’s awesome but if we use it to the point we’re it becomes master and we become slave then I think that’s sad. we must always take into account nature, in the sense of the enviroment and also human nature when we go against the nature of things that’s when it causes suffering and catastrophe. There a lot of debate as to the safety of microwaves/radio waves . I think it’s wise to assume that there can definately be long term affects to low level wifi exposure. Microwaves can interfere with our natural biological oscillators and has been shown to adversely affect all kinds of organisms especially trees and bees whI h are both critical to the health of the enviroment and -planet as a whole. /I stil think we are a ginue Pig generation in terms of we are all bathing in fields of microwaves all day long, with Our mobile phone In our pockets, our computers , cell towers. Constant low level microwave exposure


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Apr 30, 2017
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