The back woods country music

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Feb 14, 2021
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LOL For those who love country and bluegrass music.

See my previous threads. I'm a classical guitarist, able to cover even the most complicated flamenco.

I can play bluegrass and have many times. It's one of the most underrated genres of music. The amount of skill that goes into playing bluegrass is very, very high.

I have a long and involved story about playing bluegrass. I'll spare you the story, except to say that there's a whole lot more Jesus in Indiana's bluegrass than there is in Tennessee bluegrass. While on a long bender, it was quite a surprise to learn this - and more than a little bit awkward.

In the end, it worked out okay, but mostly because Ol' KGIII can play the ever-living $&%# out of a guitar.
LOL grab your gitar and come to the sally mountain bluegrass festival june 30-july 4
No finer people!

When we have a talent show at lest one of the kids do Little but loud... :)
oh yes I remember it well, back in the dim and distance past this was in my set..

theme to one of the best comedy shows to come out of the USA
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and here is one written by Merle