Tethering with Asus Zenphone Max 2


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Hello friends! I write this post becaus I've some problems like object post.
So I try to connect via USB my smartphone to my linuxbox (Slackware 14.2 x86-64 stable). I follow next steps:

1- Enable tethernig on my phone;
2- Connect it by usb;

then nm-applet do a wired connection automaticcaly and icons show network active. So when I'm open Firefox or Thunderbird, It say "noc network connection, than I try using bluethoot whit the same result.

Thanks to help me!


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Thanks to help me! Your link start up me to resolve the problems.
Tethering not work by two reason: 1) my linuxbox don't has adb package, 2) my operator don't accept dun APN option. I follow this guide tethring step by step to resolve.

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