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Hi all,

I have some experience with Linux generally - use Ubuntu regularly for work but I am starting to delve a bit more deeply into customisationg and configuration.

I currently have the Sakura terminal installed on my home computer and I am looking to edit the config file.

In trying to do this I realised there is no set resource for terminal configuration and that each resource (where config instructions were provided) seemed to have slightly different syntax.

Is there a common terminal configuration language/resource or failing that does anyone happen to know the syntax to configure Sakura terminal?

Cheers All!
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Thank you Arochester,

I had not seen that so good to know!

I know some terminal emulators do have a GUI to change settings (cursor shape, colour, background colour etc... ). I was just asking for those that don't, where you have to manually edit a config file



is there a common syntax or resource to do so or best to just try and see what happens?

I know this is often harder to do but I like a challange :)

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