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Telnet age check

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by ZZs, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. ZZs

    ZZs Guest

    Once upon a time I was a telnet chat rat. I came across a website I made about 20 + years ago that listed many telnet Havens. Just curious if anyone remembers using these sites. If you're born 1980 or later you probably wouldn't know them.

    Here are the sites I found on my havens.html page:

    Melroseplace telnet://curryco.they.org:4616
    Metaverse telnet://curryco.they.org:1111
    Freezone telnet://walker.cioe.com:2525
    St James pad telnet://weeble.oooarrr.cx:9999
    Hotel California telnet://rootaction.net:6969
    illusions telnet://illusions.zeal.net:6969
    Int'l Haven O'Phat (Hemi) telnet://hemi.com:7767
    Jade telnet://jade.io.com:6969
  2. MikeyD

    MikeyD Guest

    There is room for telnet in every generation! Now its just called SSH ;)

    I still enjoy towel.blinkenlights.nl

    -Not sure how many of these are still up. I'm at work and can't telnet outside of our network :mad:
  3. Videodrome

    Videodrome Guest

    Umm..... I actually dialed up other people's BBSes. I found out about them from people that hungout at a local Arcade.
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  4. KenJackson

    KenJackson Guest

    Yeah, me too.

    In fact, I don't remember seeing a telnet URL like that. Writing it that way looks like how you would access it if you have an internet connection. But I either dialed direct to the BBS or later connected to some site through my compuserve account using compuserve software.
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  5. sweetness

    sweetness Guest

    OMG! A friend and I were just chatting tonight about how we first met in the chat rooms on telnet in the early 90s ;) So for fun, I googled "telnet illusions" and found this chat :) I just had to respond, so I made an account here, of course using my telnet handle. LOL! All the chat rooms you listed were my regulars! In fact...St. James of St. James pad is still one of my online buds! (Just thru Facebook now. haha.) Some of my buddies on the chats were BladeRunner, Bover, St. James and Funguy :)

    So...who were you? :D
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  6. ZZs

    ZZs Guest

    I was known as Casper

    I maintained a list of regulars and their picture on the webpage I had back in those days. BladeRunner and Funguy sound familiar but I could not find them on my webpage.
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  7. Zap

    Zap Guest

    Blinkenlights is good stuff. I wasn't that big into bbsing when it was just dialup. I used to goto a bbs of a local user group and I think the local library. I was far morw into bbses in the 90s when I had a vms shell through my school. I had dozens of bbses defined in my login com. Ah, -memories.
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  8. Damian

    Damian New Member

    Sep 15, 2017
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    Random after-midnight googling gets me to weird places.

    Found this thread. I think I remember Casper and sweetness from hemi.com or curryco, but it's all a blur. But you might get a kick out of going through this. :)

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  9. esa

    esa New Member

    May 18, 2018
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    Wow. I remember spending WAY too might time in the havens. Way too much time. I even still use the same nickname.

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